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DeHaan Shotguns

DeHaan Shotguns

A DeHaan shotgun is truly a piece of art! It was such a pleasure to work with images so rich in color and texture as these amazingly crafted guns provide!

This project is a wonderful combination of stunning visuals and thoughtful use of technology. The Pricing & Ordering page is a great example of beauty and practicality - a nice metaphor for the shotguns themselves!

Mark & Joyce DeHaan are so excited about the site re-design and commented more than once that they "never thought we could have something this nice!"

The DeHaan's were also very impressed with the process and because I take great pride in the level of personalized service I provide, I wanted to share their thoughts.

"Not only did you give us a great product, but the communication could not have gone better. I always felt that you were listening, understanding, cooperating, and keeping us informed of your progress, as well as what steps were needed and when, and what we could do to help as well as what decisions we needed to make. It was evident from the start that you wanted to make a site that worked for us, designed according to our needs - rather than you trying to stuff us into a pigeon-hole using some formula with which you were already familiar The result is both beautiful and functional. Thanks again, Mark & Joyce DeHaan"

Special Note - Effective March 2015, changes in pricing and production practices at the Huglu Kooperative factory have resulted in the discontinuation of custom guns from DeHaan Shotguns. The links provided here are for demonstration purposes of the original order form only. Please visit the full DeHaan Shotgun site for other DeHaan products & services.

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