Painted Frog Design

Painted Frog

Painted Frog Design is a small design studio with a center of excellence built around vibrant, creative designs specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

We combine the most modern tools of layout and publication with classic design and development to produce creative solutions for print and web.

Our customers enjoy an exceptional level of service whether they are across the street or across the continent. We strive to provide our customers with prompt, professional service and to go the extra mile in making each project a success. It is our goal to make every interaction personal and stress-free and our education background makes Painted Frog Design uniquely qualified to guide our customers through the design process.

Our classic approach to design and development works best when we have an intimate understanding our our client's business goals and requirements for the project. We passionately believe this old fashioned approach is still required for the best results in today's modern media.